Commedia Productions

Opera for the 21st century

Carm Web

With a roar from the bullring, Bizet’s masterpiece charges into an evening
of compelling entertainment. Sung in English, fully staged and accompanied
by The Virtual Reality Orchestra, the story of opera’s most notorious femme
fatale can lay claim to the most popular opera ever written.
It is a perfect blend of drama, pure entertainment and memorable melodies.

Charlotte King - Carmen
Jennifer Walker - Micaela
Anando Mukerjee - Don José
John Graham-Maw - Escamillo

Carmen is the story of the soldier Don José who intends to marry Micaëla, a girl from his home village. But when he meets the sensual and high-spirited Carmen, he sacrifices everything to be with her. Carmen is soon bored by him and falls in love with the matador Escamillo. Unable to bear her leaving him, Don José tracks Carmen down to the bullring where Escamillo is fighting and murders her.

Carmen 2016

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